‘STAY STRONG’- a Tribute Song for Rita McNeil by Deborah Gabinet

Spent time yesterday in the recording studio with Scott Ferguson,working on my tribute song for Rita McNeil  called “STAY STRONG”

I wrote ‘Stay Strong’ the day of the funeral at Big Pond, April 17th of last year.

 Recording the piano tracks went fine  but when I went to sing the lyrics I just became too emotional to finish the recording. (Scott and I rescheduled to record the vocal tracks another day.)

I was so inspired by Rita’s journey – her determination to pursue her music career ”against all odds”

It seems that Rita’s story is MY story,too!

I left western Canada in  2009,to follow my dream –  performing and recording original Nova-Scotia inspired songs ……staying strong amidst all the  stresses  and  challenges living so far from friends and familiarity.



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